DVT Info Day



On DVT Info Day, Muehlbauer Melaka opens its doors to anyone who is interested in attending Muehlbauer as apprentice in the future, or who would just like to know more about the GDVT programme and Muehlbauer. DVT Info Day is well worth attending because they can help you make one of life's important decisions. This event usually will be held in the month of December or January.



Who can attend?

OPEN TO EVERYONE - students, parents, teachers and the public.

It is definitely a great time to get a head start on finding out more about the program and the future study options available.


What happens at DVT Info Day?

  • Course Introduction
    To learn more about the program from guest speaker and coach
  • Company Tour
    To know more about the company and latest technologies
  • Training Centre Tour
    To visit training area of apprentices
  • Mechatronics Workshop
    To have exposure of Mechatronics Engineering
  • Q & A session
    To interact with the current DVT apprentices and coaches
  • Programme Application Counter
    To know the programme application procedures and requirements