GSM 10000

Personalization System for GSM, UMTS, Pay-TV and DUAL-SIM Cards with Combi Coding & Laser Engraving

GSM 10000 is Mühlbauer’s high-speed personalization system for GSM, UMTS, Pay-TV and DUAL-SIM cards. Up to 64 contact based and / or contactless chip encoding stations (also combinable) and up to four high-speed lasers enable a throughput of up to 10,000 cards / hour (20,000 DUAL-SIM). An optional vision system allows for the in-line control and / or verification of the engraved data. GSM 10000 includes Mühlbauer’s new graphical user interface for highest operator and maintenance convenience. GSM 10000 can be equipped with different input / output systems for high autonomous time.

Key Features

  • Industrial designed high-speed personalization system especially for GSM card personalization for all kinds of personalization requirements, technologies and processes
  • Most economical way to produce GSM, Pay-TV cards etc. with lowest production- and maintenance costs an smallest footprint
  • Flexible in adapting additional chip encoding and laser units
  • Suitable for customized personalization requirements
  • Easy upgradeable / switching of process modules
  • MCES including MB Product Designer
  • INCAPE ready


Productivity / Process Units

  • Card feeding from input magazine (twin unit)
  • Friction and scratch free card separation with integrated double card detection system
  • Card output magazine (twin unit) with separate reject card bin
  • Up to 128 parallel chip-encoding units in 64 card slots for DUAL-SIM
  • Up to 4 high-speed fiber laser systems
  • Different laser systems optionally available (grey scale, CO2)
  • Card turning stations available
  • In-line vision control systems available
  • Barcode reader available
  • Security locks on all module doors
  • Operator / service / administrator identification by biometric verification on request
  • Environment conditions: Room temperature: 23°C; +/-3°C; Humidity: 50%; +/-10%


Technical Data

  • Card types: format/materials ID-1 cards / PC, PVC, ABS, PET, PETG, TeCoLas®; others on request
  • IC Module types: Processor modules: T=0 / T=1
  • Memory modules: I2C bus / 2;3-wire
  • Contactless: ISO 14443 / 15693
  • Print resolution: Laser: Up to 1,200 dpi
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • Throughput: Up to 10,000 / 20,000 cards / hour; depending on process

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