SCI 201

Smart Card Implanting System

SCI 201 is a cost-efficient IC Module implanting system for ID-1 smart cards. The system is designed for start-up and medium size production tasks, offering minimum footprint, economic but flexible design as well as extremely high accuracy. It excels with an outstanding uptime providing the highest yield at a throughput of up to 2,500 cards / hour.

Key Features

  • Fully automatic implanting of IC Modules into plastic cards
  • Suitable for contact and dual interface card production
  • Operator friendly, flexible and modular system design
  • Scratch-free handling of card bodies due to vacuum card separation
  • Operator friendly and fast tool changing
  • In-house tool manufacturing and customizing
  • INCAPE ready


Productivity / Process Units

  • Card feeding and stacking based on Mühlbauer magazine system
  • Cavity detection
  • Automatic card and IC Module tape transport and indexing system
  • Up to 2 hot press units
  • 1 cold press unit with integrated module height diffeerence measurement
  • IC Module inspection by vision system optional
  • Electrical contact station for IC Module check after implanting (ATR)
  • Contactless test for dual interface or hybrid cards optional
  • Resonance frequency measurement for dual interface or hybrid cards optional
  • Optional multi encoding system up to 6 stations for pre-personalization and initialization
  • Customized system extension on request
  • Reject and sampling station (up to 2 fold max. optional)
  • Availability: Up to 95%
  • Yield: Up to 99.7%


Technical Data

  • IC Modules: 35 mm / super 35 mm tapes; 9.5 / 14.25 mm pitch
  • Card types: ID-1 cards; PC, PVC, ABS, PET, TeCoLas®; other materials on request Implanting accuracy: x, y = +/- 30 μm
  • Implanting pressure / temperature: Up to 200 N / up to 300°C
  • Throughput: Up to 2,500 uph; depending on material

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