HPM 300

Holderpage Milling System - Hinge Technology

The HPM 300 is designed to manufacture the holderpage Hinge, a thin and flexible, yet robust layer which is sewn into the passport. Mühlbauer´s patented Hinge Technology offers fast and effective production of Hinges adaptable to any production. Due to the adjustable and variable parameters such as Hinge thickness as well as flexibility in material composition. Ultimate quality and reliable production are guaranteed by integrating various features such as input separation, thickness measurement control and output reject sorting. Processing of holderpages in 2-up format allows for the effortless integration of the machine into the existing and proven Mühlbauer passport production line providing a throughput of up to 300 holderpages / hour.

Key Features

  • Designed for the unique Mühlbauer Hinge Technology
  • Fast and easy to handle production of the Hinge by milling procedure
  • Higher flexibility of the Hinge because of adjustable and variable parameters such as thickness
  • The milling of the holderpage Hinge allows for flexibility in material composition
  • Higher accuracy of the milled Hinge because of less production steps with tolerance
  • Smooth transition to avoid any offensive edge
  • No additional process needed of attaching the Hinge to the holderpage


Productivity / Process Units

  • Suction units guarantee scratch free handling
  • Input control ensures the processing of one holderpage at a time
  • Milling head with adjustable rotation speed
  • Integrated cleaning station for waste removal
  • Thickness measurement and reject unit for holderpages outside the predefined tolerance
  • Availability: Up to 95%
  • Yield: Up to 99.7%
  • Environment conditions: Room temperature: 23°C; +/-3°C; Humidity: 50%; +/-10%


Technical Data

  • CNC milling head: Setup of Hinge thickness and size
  • Movable axis: X, Y and Z
  • Material: PC; others on request
  • Holderpage dimensions: According to 2-up ID-3 format
  • Y accuracy: ± 0.20 mm
  • Z accuracy: ± 0.05 mm
  • Throughput: Up to 300 (2-up) holderpages / hour

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